In Camber, like most beach towns, life is oriented toward the sea. The tides, the birds, the walks, the wind and the waves, all set the tone. In Camber, we enjoy the beach and sea in All-Seasons. Different clothes, different wetsuits, same free and wild feeling.
Camber Beer was created to ride alongside the All-Season beach lifestyle.
We offer three craft beach beers:
Camber Tide Lager (4.1%), a refined lager derived from the best quality British ingredients. Two local Kent hops, Admiral and Challenger, combine for a refreshing finish over a clean and satisfying pilsner malt base. This is a sunny day beach beer with taste and style.
Camber Summer Ale (4.6%), four West Coast American hops result in a mouth watering and highly sessionable beer. Willamette and Cascade provide floral notes while Citra and Idaho 7 deliver a juicy punch. Finishes with a distinct tang that urges you to take another gulp. 
Camber Windswept IPA (5.4%), a crispy clear American style IPA which makes a perfect All-Day sipper. A touch of caramel and toasted malt, not too hoppy, but packed with flavour without the ABV and haze. A smooth moorish taste will keep you coming back.
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